About Me

Hi, I’m Denae, and I’m delighted that you’ve found my blog! I love, love being in the kitchen whipping up delectable treats and cooking delicious meals. I love trying new foods and dream of traveling overseas one day. My background is Hutterite, so I’ll be sharing Hutterite classics, (which are the best, really) as well as more modern cuisine. The Hutterites have a very rich culture in food, and in my humble opinion, produce some of the best food out there. I once lived in Minnesota, but now I reside on a beautiful farm in southern Manitoba.  I have two wonderful, godly parents that I couldn’t do without; as well as six other siblings that make life exciting and sometimes maddeningly unpredictable. Last but not least, I am a Christian.  Starting this blog has been (and still is) exciting, but I still have a lot to learn. I look forward to sharing amazing recipes and much more with you!